Old Monarch Pass – Winter 2012-13

By Ed Lambert, Salida, CO

Buried in waist-deep snow,

this century-old, mostly abandoned roadway

is a pleasant cross-country ski among healthy pines

to airy 11,375 feet windblown, old Monarch Pass summit.

Meandering north and south from here,

this twisting ridge of cold granite,

a massive, magnificent swelling of earth,

divides the North American continent,

like God parting, for His chosen, the Red Sea,

splits the pristine, frigid plentiful waters born here,

that then flow great distances east or west,

eventually stirring into salt-water bosom of Atlantic or Pacific.

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– by Magda Sokolowski

Like a jackrabbit the desert reared up

against the high-cold in green-grey clots.

The cheat of grass, the sheen of ice-ground,

dense & the dull straightaway of road,

the welcome turn – sudden & slow

to find them there.

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It happened suddenly – a switch was flipped –

Enraptured atoms energized the night;

Our darkness yielded to unearthly light

As silver fires danced and rose and dipped.

I held my breath as heaven’s veil was ripped,

You pressed your heart to mine and held me tight;

I longed for rhyme, you longed for rhythm’s flight –

We found our parts within this passion?script.

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Wild Roses

Overgrown by earth I trust the wild roses will re-emerge overwhelm me with their fragrance and petal pink color birds nest, bodies pressed, tongues mingle, hands holding water rest, then, in June not July, in evening not morning, in lavender sheets not white or green, in cloudshadow not starlight, in my bed not yours, in …

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On the Ground: Down on the Ground with the Interspecies Contract

By George Sibley

Barring strange accidents or chance, I’ve partnered with my last dog – mostly because my last dog was such a superior partner.

She was a Border Collie, Zoe; and Zoe was actually the only dog I’ve ever really partnered with, however unworthily. There were a couple other dogs in my life when I was a kid, but they were just family pets – bred for petdom. Border Collies aren’t bred to be pets, they are bred for intelligence and bred for work, and they more or less insist on – I would say, deserve – a partnership. And my partnership with Zoe was not really a “fulfilled” partnership because I didn’t really have any work for her to do that was worthy of her willingness.

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Flaming Om

by Celeste Labadie

It’s a conspiracy,
someone said,
but I’ve done this myself.
I’m collecting things.
Drowning in stuff.
Clinging to memories while
packing and repacking what
I’ll surely leave behind
when the big whatever
has its way with this corporeal sensibility.

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Poem to the Editor

oh i wish i was the captain
out on the arabian sea
get hassled by some locals
uncle sam gonna rescue me
gonna send some big destroyers
and snipers one two three
gonna poach them hapless people’s fish
and get away scot free

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Time to Decide

Poem by Stewart S. Warrren

Wildlife – February 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine

Time To Decide

You’ve been here before:

the animal runs in front of your vehicle

and no amount of dodging or dancing

changes the certainty of bumper and thud.

I went back for her,

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Ordinary Things

Poem by Don Richmond and Teri McCartney

Daily Life – July 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

Ordinary Things

© 1995 by Don Richmond and Teri McCartney

You wonder and you wander, you search for something fine

Just to come full circle, to what’s been there all the time

In the old wood by the doorway, seen in the setting sun,

a quiet conversation, when the day is done,

In the warm wind through the cottonwoods,

and the promise that it brings

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Earth Day Dialogue, 1996

Poem by Jude Jannet

Environment – November 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

Earth Day Dialogue, 1996

Said I do this for love of my mother.

Ah, but does she really love me,

you ask. Thought maybe

I was speaking of one particular

human, did you, the one we

blame all our troubles on?

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Poem by Jude Jannet

Modern Life – November 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine


Middle aged man

All I want to do is sit on the porch and write poetry

to the birds and to the trees while they make love to me,

instead I must produce something so you

will pay me money to feed my children.

That is why I have a backache

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The Homestake Horror

Poem by John Garvin

Homestake Mine Tragedy – January 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

The Homestake Horror

From lonely Homestake mountain,

Where the snow lies hard and deep–

From lonely Homestake mountain,

Where the rocks rise high and steep–

There came a tale of horror,

A deadening tale of woe:

“Ten men are lying buried–

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Just another Christmas Eve

Poem by Martha Quillen

Holiday – December 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the towns

Parents had adopted grim holiday frowns

For their half-finished projects did in no way resemble

The various items they were trying to assemble.

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Poem by Jeri Mcandrews

Local artists – September 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine


Some people pat the earth

as if it was a pet

no kidding…


if you

have long hair

you live in a waterfall

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