Poem by Jeri Mcandrews

Local artists – September 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine


Some people pat the earth

as if it was a pet

no kidding…


if you

have long hair

you live in a waterfall

if you have braids

or a ponytail

it’s like having a tail

or another limb

to feel with

it’s the next best thing

if you don’t have fur

or leaves

or wings covered with


to span the miles

of landscape to escape

brooding and sighing

wash your hair

and try again

squeaky hair

means fresh

start see there are

nerve endings in

your hair that act

as antennæ they

receive messages

hair has scent

and mood swings

your hair day

bad or good

is your



only hope

which ever way

the wind blows

your hair is

the direction

you should go

— Jeri McAndrews