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Until I Run Out of Thread

Poem by Laurie Wagner Buyer

Personal – December 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

Until I Run Out of Thread

Like an old coat

I’ve outgrown you

stretched in a different direction

until the seams of our marriage

pull tight, near to splitting,

and the sleeves of our loving

are too short, leaving me

exposed and cold, unprotected.

Yet I smile putting you on

letting your latent warmth

settle across my shoulders,

letting your rich earthy smell

take me back to the days

when we fit together like hands

clasped in perfect sized gloves.

New coats cram the front

of my heart’s closet

but still I reach far

to the back for you —

my favorite, my most

comfortable companion.

I stitch your raveling hem

mend your torn cuffs

patch your worn collar;

I will labor to keep you

whole and close

until I run out of thread.

©1998 Laurie Wagner Buyer