Building A House: Final Installment

By Mike Rosso We reached the end of the construction and finish phase of the house, and all that remained was the final inspection and certificate of occupancy. After a bit of ground leveling by the builder, a dump truck full of gravel was brought in to create a driveway. The builders then came in …

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Building A House: Part 7

By Mike Rosso In the previous installment of this series, the drywall had been hung, finished, primed and painted. While this was happening, the stucco crew came back and did the exterior finish coat. At this point, the exterior is finished; doors and windows are hung and the exterior lights have been installed. Inside, Kenny …

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Building a House: Part 6

By Mike Rosso Now that the house has been insulated, the next step is drywall. This is a very exciting step as you truly get the best sense of what the finished rooms look like, and also get an idea of how natural and artificial light reflects around the interior. Drywall is also know by …

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Building a House: Part 2

By Mike Rosso In the first installment of this series, we had just completed the dirt work for the new house, and were now ready for the foundation, stem wall and floor. The first step was to form and pour concrete around the rebar in the footings. The footings equalize the load of snow and …

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A Farmer Far Afield – A House is A House, Part 2

by John Mattingly

Editor’s Note: Part 1 of this series ran in the May 2008 Colorado Central Magazine.

Last month, Hal Walter described a rural-residential real estate situation in the greater Wet Mountain Valley that is mirrored to the west in the greater Moffat-Crestone region. The class of homes for sale ranges from a single-wide mobile home on a few acres to a super-sized custom home on a tastefully landscaped developed lot. There also are a lot of double-wides on 35 to 500 acres, few with any farmland or substantial water rights. Though different in appearance, the residences share the common element of being for sale in a market that is more like a morgue. A significant number of homes are simply abandoned and empty.

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