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Where is Central Colorado?

Letter from Roger Henn

Geography – July 2003 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Quillens:

Nine years ago you may have set out to redefine “Central Colorado.” But the lines you seem to have established are weird.

You include Alamosa, etc., towns which are further south than Montrose, which you do not include. You include Creede but not Lake City (further North and closer to Central) or Silverton.

And Del Norte, once the jumping off point for the further North San Juans).

Nevertheless I enjoy it, even without Ouray.

Roger Henn


The editor explains

Dear Roger,

You’re right, it is weird. But we don’t actually think of Creede, Alamosa, and Del Norte as being in “Central” Colorado. Some years back, Marcia Darnell, who writes our “Briefs From the San Luis Valley” feature, decided to stop publishing her SLV magazine in Ala mosa and we offered to take over her subscription obligations. After that, we started including more Valley coverage, and now advertise: “serving Central Colorado and the San Luis Valley.”

But you’re right; a lot of Colorado mountain communities are like ours. We had to draw the line somewhere, though, or our calendar wouldn’t leave room for anything else. We’re flexible, however, and occasionally include events in Montrose, Crested Butte, Glenwood and points beyond.

Martha Quillen