We had to be escapists

Letter from Roger Henn

Great Depression – February 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine


Re: January, 2006, issue:

(1) What Coloradan ever called a burro a donkey? Author Laurel McHague does this once in her fascinating tale of a Leadville burro race. Shame on your headline writers — burro, jack, jack ass but never donkey. That word is left to Easterners of Missouri.

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Where is Central Colorado?

Letter from Roger Henn

Geography – July 2003 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Quillens:

Nine years ago you may have set out to redefine “Central Colorado.” But the lines you seem to have established are weird.

You include Alamosa, etc., towns which are further south than Montrose, which you do not include. You include Creede but not Lake City (further North and closer to Central) or Silverton.

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The Great Salida Badger Fight

Article by Roger Henn

Local Lore – July 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

IT WAS DURING the Depression, and our family was so poor we didn’t even have an automobile. Wherever we had to go, we generally either walked or rode our bikes.

We boys made astonishingly long trips on bicycles. These were without the fancy gears of today’s machines, and going uphill meant pushing the pedals a lot harder than going on the level. The king of bikes in that day was the Iver Johnson, a hardy bike that — like the Model T Ford — was available only in black. It could hold up under the day-after-day task of carrying the 150 or so newspapers we carried on Denver Post routes.

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