REGIONAL NEWS ROUNDUP (and other items of interest)

Justice for Justice? A Western Slope activist and frequent critic of the federal government has filed a motion to dismiss a case against him for allegations he destroyed federal property. David Justice of Gunnison, was indicted Aug. 13 for an incident that occurred in July 2013 when a group of 23 activists used various tools …

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An Appropriate Title

Letter from Trout Creek Ponderist

Colorado Central – November 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine


While doing some rare cleaning, organizing, circular file basketball, I came across this overdue check written last July to you for a subscription renewal. With apologies to your efficient staff, I now am submitting a newly dated check. (The July check has been voided.) Along with the sincere apologies for my tardiness is also an expression of thankfulness that you have continued your efforts of building a sense of place through the magazine, Colorado Central.

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Time to return to routine

Letter from Trout Creek Ponderist

Seasons – September 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

As summer wanes, it’s time to return to routine

Salute —

After several trips and the usual summer influx of diversions, we have realized that our few precious days of summer are quickly waning.

Reality or the true Colorado routine, if it does exist, leads us to bill paying. Thus, after your gentle reminders, we enclose our contribution to another year of entertainment and thought-provoking perusal of Colorado Central. We did enjoy this past year’s issues with the exception being the spring issue when it appeared your attentions were on the computer website or perhaps the enjoyment of mud season.

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Keep it up, and please do more

Letter by Trout Creek Ponderist

Colorado Central – October 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

Keep it up, and more

Greetings to Ed, Martha, and the many other contributors to CC:

There are many of us out here who love to tell kith, kin, etc. of the causes of the ups and downs of life in Central Colorado, but few voices have had as effective an influence as those of you who put that voice in the written form known as Colorado Central. Thank you.

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So far, so good, but magazine should have more

Letter from Trout Creek Ponderist

Colorado Central – August 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine – No. 42 – Page 18

So far, so good, but CC should have more


Your subscription renewal encouraged comments regarding your magazine — so please be patient with a non-professional ponderist’s point of view.

First the gush:

Great magazine, you provide several active hours of entertainment each month. When the magazine arrives via the P.O. box the very evening is spent perusing thoroughly — even when our special “tourists” have come to visit. I even enjoy the small print.

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