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An Appropriate Title

Letter from Trout Creek Ponderist

Colorado Central – November 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine


While doing some rare cleaning, organizing, circular file basketball, I came across this overdue check written last July to you for a subscription renewal. With apologies to your efficient staff, I now am submitting a newly dated check. (The July check has been voided.) Along with the sincere apologies for my tardiness is also an expression of thankfulness that you have continued your efforts of building a sense of place through the magazine, Colorado Central.

While observing the changes in this area over the last few years, it is becoming more apparent that the title you have chosen for your publication is very appropriate. The changes to this area regularly point to the “centralism” of this valley in ideas, geographic location, rural mountain economics, and history.

It takes courage, level-headedness and a dash of foresight and wisdom to select which pieces of information we local mountain-lovers need to keep as growing toward a sense of community. Thank you.

I hope that the intention of those who critique your work is also filled with the spirit of what is written on page three of each issue. Your goal says a lot to all of us.

The Trout Creek Ponderist