Keep it up, and please do more

Letter by Trout Creek Ponderist

Colorado Central – October 1998 – Colorado Central Magazine

Keep it up, and more

Greetings to Ed, Martha, and the many other contributors to CC:

There are many of us out here who love to tell kith, kin, etc. of the causes of the ups and downs of life in Central Colorado, but few voices have had as effective an influence as those of you who put that voice in the written form known as Colorado Central. Thank you.

Just as the natural world thrives on diversity, so also can healthy communities. Your magazine contributes to a need our area has — to expand on our common acceptance of diversity and respect for others’ freedoms. At times, perhaps, our differences do create struggle, but 50 years later, the river flows free (Ref. Glen Canyon by Steve Harmon).

In reviewing comments regarding the magazine that I made a year ago, I find the majority of the items have been addressed positively. However, as an eager fan I continue to hope you will consider expanding the number of pages. You have found a way of weaving into the content a hint that we are not alone in our concerns for the west — a formidable task since many of us still believe life begins and ends here in Central Colorado. I hope this aspect of your publication continues. Keep informing — educating — and educating us.

The Trout Creek Ponderist