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So far, so good, but magazine should have more

Letter from Trout Creek Ponderist

Colorado Central – August 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine – No. 42 – Page 18

So far, so good, but CC should have more


Your subscription renewal encouraged comments regarding your magazine — so please be patient with a non-professional ponderist’s point of view.

First the gush:

Great magazine, you provide several active hours of entertainment each month. When the magazine arrives via the P.O. box the very evening is spent perusing thoroughly — even when our special “tourists” have come to visit. I even enjoy the small print.

There are some detail-oriented readers left in this valley — perhaps a cable-free household contributes to the phenomenon. Advertisers should be aware of this feat.

I especially enjoy the current perspectives of life in Central Colorado with the sprinkling of history, geography, and economics. We all need to be taken outside our limited viewpoints, our private panoramas, at least once a month, or we lose the forest view and see only our own trees — our own back yards. Thank you for providing that opportunity, not only for me, but also our communities.

A few side notes:

Nice layouts, I don’t miss gloss at all. Perfect size for a lap or to prop up on a cereal box.


The magazine could be a little longer — perhaps one article a month by a non-regular writer could be added. Maybe a review of the “Reviews” department might be helpful as some reviews of books are a little lengthy. Perhaps, if it isn’t too dangerous, reviews of events, places, etc., could be included, and if your advertisers are open enough to self/community input, reviews of places of business with stress on both the positive and “areas to improve.”

For example

Bookstore X: Great to hang out, good live music, needs a larger history selection.

Café Z: Great hours of operation, broad selection of teas, very X-Generational.

John Blow at the Steam Plant: Put his name on your must-hear list, great licks.

The time frame of a monthly doesn’t always allow for a practical review of every event, but a few events are annual; for those of us who keep our old copies of CC as a reference, a brief comment might be nice.

In Review: We need you in this valley so please keep on keeping on.


The Trout Creek Ponderist