About the Cover Photographer: Ryan Kempfer

Living in beautiful Salida and being employed at Salida Mountain Sports, my gratitude for this life feels a bit like magic. Growing up in Wisconsin, I was born with a passion for every-thing outdoors. My grandfather, “Boone” had a small, 10-acre game farm where he raised white-tailed deer and elk. Growing up with wildlife, feeding …

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About the Cover Photographer: Aaron Atencio

Aaron Atencio spent his entire childhood in Buena Vista and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder. At the age of seventeen he took his first plane trip to Europe with the Buena Vista High School foreign language department. Travel quickly became his passion which led to his goal of heavily combining travel into …

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About the Cover Photographer: Grant Collier

Grant Collier grew up in the foothills above Denver and spent much of his childhood exploring Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Grant took up photography while attending college in Los Angeles. He found endless photographic opportunities in the Desert Southwest while driving to and from L.A. After graduating from college in 1996, Grant began a photographic career …

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About the Cover Artist: Padgett McFeely

After earning a BA in Psychology at UC Irvine, I began studying photography. Immediately enthralled by the ‘wet’ darkroom process, I started working extensively with the black and white medium. My first teacher was Barbara Kasten. The first lecture I ever attended was given by Ansel Adams. I was hooked! Photography quickly became my way …

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About the Cover Photographer – Jeff Michalek

Photography is the first true mode of time travel. In my process, I search for dimension in blurring the lines between the decades and allowing a story to emerge as reflected in the mindset of the viewer. I employ the earliest methods of photography, because they themselves are a trip back in time and require …

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Q & A with Photographer Bill Ellzey

Crestone resident Bill Ellzey has travelled the planet as a photographer and teacher. His works from India, China, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Alaska, Egypt, Ireland, Bhutan, Zambia, Chilean Patagonia and the American West have been published in the U.S. and abroad. Ellzey’s images can be found in magazines, books, calendars, newspapers, catalogs, annual reports, galleries and …

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About the Cover Artist: Tim Brown

Since 1982 Tim Brown has been traveling the globe experiencing and photographing the people and places of various locations. His passion for adventure, humankind and good lighting has led him to embark on over 50 trips to Central and South America, Southeast Asia and Indonesia, as well as numerous travels throughout the United States and …

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Book Review

Vision of Photography Series, The Museum Collection,
William Meriwether
People’s Press, 52 pages $14.95
ISBN #0981781071

Reviewed by Mike Rosso

William Meriwether is not a well-known name in photo circles but the recently deceased Colorado-based photographer left behind a body of work that may someday bring his works the stature they deserve.

Meriwether, who spent part of his youth in the San Luis Valley, self-published a limited edition book of his work and essays in 2005 and it was formally published in 2010 by Peoples Press in Woody Creek, Colorado.

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Have any hair-raising travel stories?

We’d like to start running a new feature in Colorado Central Magazine and we need your help!

All sorts of magazines and newspapers have travel sections – romantic descriptions of exotic locales, sun-splashed beaches, friendly natives, unique cuisines, etc. – but we don’t want to hear about those. It’s like having to sit through Uncle Bob’s hour-long slide presentation of his family trip to Disney World.

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Colorado: 1870-2000, by John Fielder

Review by Ed Quillen

Photography – April 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Colorado: 1870-2000 Historical photographs by William Henry Jackson – Contemporary photographs by John Fielder
Text by Ed Marston, Eric Paddock, and Roderick Nash
Published in 1999 by Westcliffe Publishers in cooperation with the Colorado Historical Society
ISBN 1-56579-347-1

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