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About the Cover Photographer: Ryan Kempfer

Living in beautiful Salida and being employed at Salida Mountain Sports, my gratitude for this life feels a bit like magic.
Growing up in Wisconsin, I was born with a passion for every-thing outdoors. My grandfather, “Boone” had a small, 10-acre game farm where he raised white-tailed deer and elk. Growing up with wildlife, feeding them and naming them, my passion for wildlife only got stronger. Living the last 10 years in Salida has captured that passion and is fueled by photographs of Mother Nature. I’m an avid skier, mountain biker, hiker and of course, dog lover. Capturing landscape and wildlife photography has always been a hobby and a lifestyle for me. I feel grateful for every hike in the mountains and believe that dreams do come true. Thank you for this opportunity to share my photo with you.