Music Review

By Brian Rill Don Richmond and David Clemmer – Holy Roller and a Rolling Stone Don Richmond’s new collaborative musical work with David Clemmer is a straight-ahead folk album with an old-town vibe. This record was produced among long flat countrysides of the San Louis valley, amid dusty Colorado fields that are swarmed with wasps …

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Making Tracks

Don Richmond at the control board in the Howlin’ Dog studio. Photo by Duke Sheppard.

By Anthony Guerrero

In the early 1980s, Don Richmond and his friends played music in a location next to some rowdy canines. The howling dogs made an impression, and some of the musicians suggested should Richmond ever open a music studio it should be called “Howlin’ Dog Records.”
A short while later Richmond did in fact begin operating his own record company, called it Howlin’ Dog Records, and the name stuck.
Despite the name, the recording studio is actually located in a very serene location near Alamosa. “It’s really peaceful and quiet here. There’s not many interruptions, which is great when we’re recording music,” said Richmond.

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Q&A with San Luis Valley Musician Don Richmond

Don Richmond has been performing in the Colorado-New Mexico area since about 1970. He has released six solo recording projects and has played with a number of bands including Tumbleweed and The Rifters. He has composed and recorded musical soundtracks for three documentary films seen nationally and internationally.

Don also owns and runs a recording studio in Alamosa, Howlin’ Dog Recording and is the author of a book, “Getting Your Music Past the Fear.” His most recent CD is called “Like Lazarus.”

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Ordinary Things

Poem by Don Richmond and Teri McCartney

Daily Life – July 2002 – Colorado Central Magazine

Ordinary Things

© 1995 by Don Richmond and Teri McCartney

You wonder and you wander, you search for something fine

Just to come full circle, to what’s been there all the time

In the old wood by the doorway, seen in the setting sun,

a quiet conversation, when the day is done,

In the warm wind through the cottonwoods,

and the promise that it brings

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