Stepping into Irish Culture

IRELAND IS A TOUCHSTONE FOR ME. A centering place, a home. I feel a daily pull toward the Emerald Isle. News stories, contact from friends, Irish music, carefree cussing — all grab my attention and zap me back to my life in Ireland. While in college, every break was spent in Doolin, County Clare. I …

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Salida Storytellers

GREAT STORYTELLING IS AT THE HEART of our culture, embedded in our history and key to a successful future. We tell stories to entertain, to educate and to connect. With this in mind, Andrea Mossman, manager of A Church in Salida, started to explore the feasibility of launching a community storytelling event — in the …

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Culture of Belonging

WHEN I THINK ABOUT THE CREEDE REPERTORY THEATRE, I think of the stunning remoteness of Creede. I think about the excellent caliber of the shows I’ve seen there — how the performances feel intimate and fantastic but not budget. I marvel at the talent that the CRT attracts from around the country; it brings to …

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Laps at the Track

TEXT FROM FRASER CRENSHAW: “Do you want to go to the racetrack some Sunday? Could be a fun article for people not interested in railroad history and characters of the SLV.”  My response: “Yes I do. 100%. Also, ouch?” Fraser agreed and apologized. (First he’s surly, then he’s sweet.) I followed through with my commitment …

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All You Need is … Inclusion

WALKING UP TO THE FRONT DOOR of the Starpoint-staffed home in Salida, I immediately reflect on my own life with the disabled population. My dad has managed a group home for disabled adults since I was 7 years old. Living in Salida I’ve savored my small, always positive, interactions with Starpoint consumers. So, I jumped …

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Community Profile: Rafael Millan-Garcia

Rafa Millan Garcia

“YOU’RE CRAZY!” IS COMMONLY SAID TO Rafael “Rafa” Millan-Garcia, with varying degrees of animosity mixed with awe. At the root of most of these comments is the fact that a bicycle is Rafa’s exclusive mode of transportation — which is impressive everywhere, but especially in Leadville, Colorado, where Rafa lives. At 10,200 feet, Leadville is …

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Sophia Herzog: Two-Time Paralympian Medalist

Sophia Herzog

SOPHIA HERZOG, SALIDA, WON A BRONZE medal in the 100-meter breaststroke at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo and then retired. Tokyo was Herzog’s second trip to the Paralympic Games. In 2016, she won a silver medal in the 100-meter breaststroke in Rio de Janeiro. She was also a finalist in the 200 Individual Medley …

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Smiles for Freedom

Relaxation Dental Salida

While anxiety and fear surrounding dental care is as common as dentists portrayed as villains (“Little Shop of Horrors,” Marathon Man,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” etc.) Dr. Nicholas Brown, DDS, is attempting to flip the script one patient at a time.  Brown practices at Relaxation Dental in Salida, and his motto reads, “Because there …

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Private Soak at the Infinity Pool

by Cailey McDermott There are roughly 28 public hot springs in Colorado. Mount Princeton in Nathrop touts five different soaking styles — the newest is the infinity pool.  In addition to the public soaking, the infinity pool is open to private soaking experiences. You can reserve the entire pool for a romantic date, for a …

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