4 Corners region gets a magazine

Brief by Central Staff

Media – July 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

4 Corners Region Gets a Magazine

Durango’s got a new magazine — Inside/Outside Southwest — which started last year as a bi-monthly, but will be coming out every month starting this July.

Ken Wright, a frequent contributor to Colorado Central and a principal in the departed San Juan Almanac of Durango, is its managing editor.

It’s free if you pick it up in the Four Corners area, and $22 a year for a subscription. You can reach them at P.O. Box 447, Durango CO 81302; phone 970-385-0462; email editorial@insideoutsidemag.com; website www.insideoutsidemag.com (have you ever noticed how much contact information is required these days?)

Inside/Outside is outdoor-oriented with a lot of modern health and fitness, but it carries a fair amount of cultural coverage and some passionate criticism of the by-products of industrial tourism. And we’re jealous of its dynamic graphics.

The disclaimer notes that “the publisher is not … recommending that any reader be fool enough to partake in any activity or behavior described in the publication.”