About that June issue

Letter by Roger Williams

June 99 edition – July 1999 – Colorado Central Magazine

About that June issue


I enjoyed your new web site [www.coloradocentralmagazine.com]. Some comments on the June issue:

Last time I went through Flagstaff, to attend the Grand Canyon Railway Steam Weekend in nearby Williams last October, I didn’t see that reputed “ugly fortress hotel.” Perhaps it wasn’t visible from the train, or the Nava-Hopi coach to Williams. I wonder if it’s like that new Omni at Inverness between Boulder and Broomfield for which it would be a very apt term. Unaffordable to the common man too, with rates set to be a whopping $159-209 a room — per night.

The famous bridge over the Royal Gorge, which is amusingly posted “No Fishing From Bridge” — you’d need a line 1000 feet long — does go somewhere, of sorts. You can leave U.S. 50 coming down from Salida somewhere upstream, take a back road, loop back and rejoin U.S. 50 by driving over it; I did this once. A pricey way to do it given the high admission charge for the park, but worthwhile. I also parked, walked back over it, took the incline railway to the bottom and so on; now I can take the new train in the bottom.

Hmm, Harvard University Mining School (p. 12, about musical county seats). Didn’t know it had one. It does have a Geology Department.

Keep up the good work; I enjoy your humorous articles including those mystery footprints, a new critter each month, and your slogan “The Monthly Magazine For___”. Where do you get all those great ideas for this?

Roger Williams, Boulder

(but numerous visits to Salida and Central Colorado, including ascents of all 15 Sawatch Range 14ers.)