Guaranteed psychic predictions for 1997

Brief by Martha Quillen

Humor – January 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

UFOs will be sighted in that great mysterious valley that lies under the Sangre de Cristos south of the Heart of the Rockies.

Rescue workers will valiantly seek a hiker who wandered into the mountains without food, water or adequate protective clothing.

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Ski Cooper: Real History, Good Powder, and Affordable

Article by Steve Voynick

Local History – January 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Many Colorado ski areas share a common heritage. Like Aspen, Breckenridge, and Telluride, they took over comatose mining towns; or, like Copper Mountain and Vail, they were conceived on drawing boards. Either way, their bloodlines can be traced to venture capitalists out to make a few bucks.

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Monarch: a WPA boondoggle that succeeded

Article by Ed Quillen

Local History – January 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

The mythology of the West holds strong to a belief that “rugged individualists” carved out an empire without any help from the government, but that version of history ignores some inconvenient truths. The prospectors expected federal troops to clear away the Indians, the farmers sought federal loans to build irrigation systems, the merchants wanted federal assistance on road construction, the ranchers desired federal subsidies for grazing …

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Mixing Religion and Politics leads to Division

Essay by Martha Quillen

American Culture & Politics – January 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

This Christmas, the shelves at Wal-Mart are stocked with books about angels. There are television shows about angels, including both regular features and countless interviews with people who claim to have met angels. This year’s candidates talked exhaustively of values, morals, and traditions, and the national news magazines have repeatedly noted that Americans are looking for spirituality.

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Spellbound in the Custerplex

Letter from Hal Walter

Local lexicography – January 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Ed,

Yes, Westcliffe’ Super Market is correct with no “s” after the Westcliffe’ and a space between “Super” and “Market”… some time we should do a column about errors in names and signs around here. For example: Westcliffe. Why the “e?” Why is Westcliffe one word and Silver Cliff two? Of course there’s always the “Westcliff School” chiseled in rock. Why does Jennings Market not have an apostrophe after “Jennings?” It takes major writing talent to be able to misspell all this stuff correctly.

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When President Truman got the key to Leadville

Letter from Beverly Pologar

Local history – January 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine


The article, “The Whistle Stops Don’t Stop Here Any More,” (November 1996 issue of Colorado Central) brought to mind President Truman’s whistle stop in Leadville in 1948. I recall going to the depot at Malta with my mother and my grandfather. I was six years old and in the first grade. The prospect of seeing the president was exciting.

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