The Not-so-Smart Growth awards were wonderful

Letter from Roger Williams

Smart Growth – January 1997 – Colorado Central Magazine


Got my first issue, No. 33 (November 1996), and much enjoyed it. “Not So Smart Growth Awards” had me rolling in the aisles and slapping my thighs while I gasped for breath; it was great.

The hideous sprawl around here, encompassing seas of rooftops and rows of overpriced boxes from Highlands and Ken Caryl Ranches to the awful new Rock Creek here–farms two years ago, then “what are all those earthmovers doing out there?–would qualify for lots of them. So would Colorado Springs.

The lengthy article about the race a century ago dragged a bit; I got lost in all those confusing metal standards. Granted, I never took a political science or economics course.

Are those paw prints across “Notes & Commentary” from a mountain lion?

Keep up the good work.

Roger Williams