Culture for the Country Folk

Sidebar by Martha Quillen

Art – December 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Funded by donations and bequests from individuals, families, corporations, and communities, foundations earnestly filter money from those who have it to those who don’t, and by doing so, they get to decide who is worthy and who isn’t.

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The Fall of Climax Molybdenum

Article by Steve Voynick

Mining history – December 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

If there was a single date that marked the transition between the rise and fall of Climax, it was January 1, 1958. On that date, the Climax Molybdenum Company merged with the American Metals Company, becoming a division of American Metals Climax, Inc.

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Notes and commentary for December 1994

Brief by Central Staff

Various – December 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Greater Pyramid

FLORIDA — Operating under the name Pyramids Unlimited, some developers have proposed a 495-foot pyramid of steel and granite. Inside would be 300,000 crypts, and the mausoleum would be topped with a glass chapel.

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Geologic Mischief

Letter from Robert Mcphee

November edition – December 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine


Your November issue was especially interesting to me. Jeanne Englert’s book review on roadside geology, the Climax Mine history, Frémont’s fourth expedition book review, the legislative race between Ken Chlouber and Curtis Imrie, and the religious pyramid controversy in Crestone — they all provided the kind of information that urban residents like myself find helpful in keeping up with you rural sophisticates.

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It’s FIBArk, not FIBARK or Fibark

Letter from John Hansen

Salida festival – December 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Martha and Ed,

Thank you for listing us in the Agenda section of the November issue.

One of our “agendas” is the promotion of our festival, and since subscriptions to your magazine distribute it to many parts of the country, we appreciate any coverage we can get from you.

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Naive and idealistic notions

Essay by Ed Quillen

Colorado Central – December 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

First, an apology. In this edition, we had planned to publish the second installment of an article about the future of the Southern Pacific Railroad’s “Central Corridor” in Central Colorado.

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