It’s FIBArk, not FIBARK or Fibark

Letter from John Hansen

Salida festival – December 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Martha and Ed,

Thank you for listing us in the Agenda section of the November issue.

One of our “agendas” is the promotion of our festival, and since subscriptions to your magazine distribute it to many parts of the country, we appreciate any coverage we can get from you.

In the past, FIBArk was spelled just about any way someone chose to spell it. We are trying to teach the community that our name stands for “First In Boating on the Arkansas” (hence the caps). “Fib-Ark” looks as though we are telling lies about a large boat made of gopher wood that currently sits atop Mt. Ararat.

Although the two cases of letterheads that we are trying to use up do not reflect this method of spelling, it would be a big help to us if, in future issues, you would use our preferred method of spelling. Hopefully, with a little consistency from the media, and a lot of hard work from the Board of Directors, we can turn this thing around and have a festival that is well attended (not to mention respected) and will be the pride of Chaffee County.

John Hansen

Race Director

Vice-Commodore, 1995