More Steam Plant Work set for 1995

Sidebar by Central Staff

Art – December 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

This summer, the Steam Plant Theatre in Salida was open for business and hosted numerous events. But now it’s closed for the winter, and back under construction.

Tentatively scheduled for completion in 1995, plans for the finished Steam Plant Regional Cultural Center include a new roof and a heating and cooling system for the theater, plus a sculpture park, more landscaping, walkways, and a bas-relief touching wall and Sound Gate for the visually challenged.

Recently, work on landscaping and walkways was put on hold until construction could be completed on what locals call the “Pigeon Room,” (although the pigeons that inspired the name are now gone). Blocks for the walkways are on sale for $25, however, and next spring, buyers will get to decorate their own blocks at a pouring and autograph party.

Plans for the Cultural Center propose a changing display of sculpture, and currently, Bernice Strawn is looking for artists who would be interested in loaning their work. The sculpture will have to be large, weather-proof, and approved by the Steam Plant committee.

The Steam Plant is a project of the Salida Economic Enterprise District, and the Steam Plant committee is appointed by the city council. But everyone is urged to participate. “This is a community project, and the more people who participate the better,” says Strawn.

Eventually, it is hoped that the finished center will serve as a vital regional facility for not only Chaffee County, but also adjoining counties.

For further information about the Steam Plant call Kathy Nelson at 719-539-4782.