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Notes and commentary for December 1994

Brief by Central Staff

Various – December 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Greater Pyramid

FLORIDA — Operating under the name Pyramids Unlimited, some developers have proposed a 495-foot pyramid of steel and granite. Inside would be 300,000 crypts, and the mausoleum would be topped with a glass chapel.

Cost is estimated at $200 million, and the zoning board in Bushnell rejected it recently. However, six other landowners in central Florida are bidding for it.

The immense mass grave would stick out — the highest natural point in Florida is a hill in Walton County, only 345 feet above sea level.

Florida is already a destination for Cubans and Haitians; will Arcturians be next?

Gender politics?

CHAFFEE COUNTY — An election ad from the Chaffee County Republican Central Committee proclaimed the virtues of honesty, integrity, ability, and commitment, and noted that “To the men listed below …” Among the “men listed below” were Mary Ellen Belmar and Sandra Wilkins.