In Vino Veritas

Articles about winemaking in Central Colorado wouldn’t be complete without a toast (salute) to Salida’s Italian immigrant community. According to Dr. Francesco Gallo, in 2007, 11 percent of Salida’s residents were of Italian descent. Over half of those could trace their roots back to one particular town: Lago, in the province of Cosenza within the region of Calabria. These early immigrants worked as farmers, bricklayers, miners, in the lead smelters and on the railroads.

These hardworking newcomers also enjoyed their leisure time with good food, family and of course, vino.

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Fine Wines of Central Colorado

Vino Salida

By Ann Marie Swan

Heaven is a place where Salida winemaker Steve Flynn can follow his calling as an artist. He’s created Vino Salida Wine Cellars with a spiritual vibe where he can get into a focused zone, taking chances while concocting unique, tasty products. “The winery is my art studio,” Flynn said. “I get cranky when I don’t make wine.”

Flynn’s patron saints, high on the walls, watch over him as he works. San Vicente, the patron saint of winegrowers, is in the house, along with Saint Bernard, the saint for skiers and, hopefully, apres ski activities, which could include wine. Because wine is paired with food, Saint Lawrence, the saint for chefs, stands guard. Perched above are statues of Buddha and Jesus, who did, after all, turn water into wine.

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Monks sell winery in Cañon City

Brief by Central Staff

Wine – December 2005 – Colorado Central Magazine

The winery at the Holy Cross Abbey in Cañon City has a new owner — a former New Jersey accountant who said he was tired of the urban rat race.

Holy Cross Abbey sits on 175 acres along U.S. 50 on the east side of Cañon City. It is owned by the Benedictine Society and has been in use since 1925. The society’s ranks have been thinning as older monks die. To make money to maintain the facility, they started growing grapes four years ago, and hired Matt Cookson, a California winemaker.

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