Tragedy at Twin Lakes

By Lynda La Rocca “It’s what you fail to imagine that kills you.” This quote, from Michael Lewis’s new book “The Fifth Risk,” refers to the dangers facing America under the Trump administration, specifically those posed by incompetent and unqualified government leaders. But it also applies to the residents of the southern Lake County hamlet …

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The Lost Canyon Placer

From the upper Lost Canyon cabin, there is a magnificent view of Twin Lakes.

Article and photos by Kenneth Jessen

Located west of Granite, Colorado, is the Lost Canyon Placer, with its two remaining cabins on the north side of County Road 398 and a creek on the south side. To get to Lost Canyon requires heading west past the Granite Cemetery and the site of Cache Creek. The road begins to climb through an aspen forest in a little less than three miles from Granite. A series of switchbacks brings the road into the canyon proper. Almost all of the way to the first cabin the road is relatively smooth. Beyond this point, it may require a high-ground clearance vehicle.

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Twin Lakes & the Interlaken Resort

by Virginia McConnell Simmons Although few places in Colorado have finer scenery than the conjoined Twin Lakes, the fortunes of this hamlet have ebbed and flowed, just as the water levels of the lakes has. Originally, these natural glacial lakes consisted of conjoined bodies of water, one about two and one-half miles in length by …

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Patience and time scouting pays off for Twin Lakes hunter

By Christopher Kolomitz

Don Mann isn’t the type of guy that gets nervous very easily. The former Marine and accomplished hunter has bagged some of the more notable animals in North America – mountain goats, desert sheep, caribou, Dall’s sheep, Rocky Mountain bighorn, Canadian moose and more.

But, with the 2011 moose rifle season approaching and Mann spending countless hours in the field looking for moose, he was getting itchy. He’d seen plenty of moose sign – droppings, tracks and thrashed willows – but he hadn’t seen the animal.

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