Aerial Adventures in a Canyon

When Salidan Monty Holmes purchased nearly 30 acres of arid canyon land near Wellsville, Colorado in 2000, his original dream of building cabins on the property transformed into something much bigger and much bolder.

Lacking access to electricity for the properties, he decided on another strategy, to “make lemonade outta lemons,” and did what any savvy entrepreneur might do in the 21st century – he went to Google. Typing in “zip line in USA,” he was startled to find fewer than 200 results. Those sparse outcomes led to a research and development trip to Costa Rica where, since the 1970s, ziplining has been one of that country’s most popular recreational activities.

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Great days with the bikers

Letter from Monty Holmes

Tourism – July 2005 – Colorado Central Magazine


Well, there were thousands of bikers around this Valley on Memorial Day weekend, and we thank them for visiting! There were so many places (especially with 360º views from a motorcycle) of exceptional beauty, that they were spread out all over the area. And darn nice folks they were!

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