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Great days with the bikers

Letter from Monty Holmes

Tourism – July 2005 – Colorado Central Magazine


Well, there were thousands of bikers around this Valley on Memorial Day weekend, and we thank them for visiting! There were so many places (especially with 360ยบ views from a motorcycle) of exceptional beauty, that they were spread out all over the area. And darn nice folks they were!

After speaking with several groups of them, they seem pleased at the reception we gave them, and will be back with their families and friends to explore this region more fully in the future. What a terrific experience my family had viewing all their awesome motorcycles. No two were alike!

There’s not a guy among us that doesn’t share some of that sense of adventure they enjoy while traveling through our mountains with two-wheeled freedom.

A word of caution for all of us: Watch out for them! Visibility is great FROM a motorcycle, but in the protected world inside our cars, we often don’t SEE THEM. We also sometimes miscalculate their proximity to us and pull out prematurely. Motorcycles are extremely maneuverable, but let’s not test them!

Let’s wish them all “happy trails” and we hope to see them again real soon!


Monty Holmes