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Time to dump ‘Headwaters of Adventure’ slogan

Letter from Monty Holmes

Marketing – December 2008 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Editor:

Now that Lee Hart is no longer running Chaffee County’s “Headwaters of Apathy,” I respectfully request that we throw out the ridiculous brand, “Headwaters of Adventure.” My reasons are as follows:

— We are not the headwaters of the Arkansas River [The headwaters are in Lake County].

— When originally proposed by our branding guru, Hart specifically stated that “10 people” should be surveyed to give our county a new identity. There were a few more people surveyed, but not nearly enough.

— If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There was nothing wrong with “Now this is Colorado.” In fact, it had a lot more class and universal appeal.

— The “headwaters” mean nothing to the average person nor business not associated with rafting, kayaking, or fishing.

— “Now this is Colorado” is more inclusive and thus can be embraced by all stakeholders, not only the classic tourism venues but also the real estate and construction entities, our largest county economic engine.

If you want to change the tagline, why not choose something like “Where Colorado Comes True,” proposed by Colorado Central Magazine publisher, Ed Quillen?

You know, there are many facets of our county that draw tourists: our mountains, art galleries and fine dining, quality lodging facilities, unique hot springs, and of course a myriad of outdoor activities. “The Headwaters of Adventure” does not reflect the impact of all these important components of our tourism- driven economy.

In conclusion, I suggest that we immediately remove this unpopular, nonrepresentative tag and return to our roots by inviting our visitors to stop and experience Chaffee County — Now This is Colorado.

Monty Holmes