Salida to the Yucatán – Spinning Gold from Agave

By Nathan Ward Sound carries far in the predawn hours of Hacienda San Juan de Lizárraga. A white-nosed coati crashes through the scrub forest. The morning explodes into chatter as the sun rises and the wild babbling of chacalacas rents the air. Birdsong flows from the beaks of brilliant birds, bursts of color between palm …

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Tony’s Restaurant – Burritos and More

by Central Staff Anyone who’s lived in Salida over the past 20 years has likely enjoyed one of his burritos – he being Tony Perez, who, along with his wife Marisela, run Tony’s Restaurant in Poncha Springs. For years, Tony’s been delivering his handmade burritos to businesses throughout Salida, and in 2008, he finally opened his …

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The Cora Connection: The life of indigenous Mexicans in Colorado’s mountains

Cora Tribe

Story and photos by Will Shoemaker

The similarities in topography alone are striking. Rugged, mountainous terrain, where eking out a living can be arduous, is nothing new for the Cora Indians of Mexico who have found a new home in the Gunnison Valley.

Natives of the Sierra Madre Mountains of the state of Nayarit in western Mexico, the Cora are people of the mountains through and through – independent, strong, thick-skinned and capable of overcoming most any adversity thrown their way.

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Reintroducing the Tabors: A Series

by Francisco A. Rios

Horace Tabor’s Loneliness

Whatever promise the mines in Mexico may hold out to Horace, he pays a terrible price in loneliness, and probably guilt, at being away from his family for months at a time, especially when there is a serious illness at home. The modern device of the telegraph allows for rapid communication, but sometimes it makes his absence from Lizzie all the worse, as he writes on Dec. 4, 1893 from an unstated location.

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