Not exactly leftists

Letter from Slim Wolfe

Politics – April 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine


There will always be a few Wonder Bread fanatics out there who think whole wheat is a communist plot, and the Salida City Council must have had these in mind when it expressed fears that KHEN-FM community radio might be

Public speech in favor of peace and justice is neither unbalanced or leftist. Programs such as “Democracy Now” which make a conscious effort to present different views on many given questions are really top dead center, embracing American traditional values. Leftist is not a correct characterization, say, of Nancy Pelosi, or even Ralph Nader. Leftists were originally those who were seated on one side of the Revolutionary French People’s Assemblies back in about 1790, whose programs were about chopping off heads and seizing power for the proletariat. I have yet to hear such leftist views favored or even expressed on any KHEN broadcast; therefore I see no reason to expect KHEN to balance them with fascist-leaning opinions or any other views. Dissenters from the alleged KHEN party line are free to put forth their views in whatever ways the law allows.

If we say we love the USA, that implies we love something unique we find here. Love and obedience to God are not unique, nor is military prowess, nor is industrial or economic growth. We could just as well love those qualities in any number of nations past or present. To love the USA implies loving the spirit of fair play, equality, justice, and tolerance: a level playing field, a break for the underdog, an abhorrence of the sort of abuse laid on colonial backs by the King Georges of history. These top dead center values are the ones I hear espoused by the programs aired by KHEN-FM and should require no contradictory opinions in the name of balance.

Slim Wolfe

Villa Grove

P.S. Slim Wolfe prays for an apocalypse — or at least an early bedtime with a good book — somewhere south of Villa Grove.