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People Say lyrics

Sidebar by Robin James

Poetry – April 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

People Say

Words and music by Robin James

People said, that people change

And nothing ever stays the same

And people said that we would not last

That we’d fall to pieces like broken glass

People said that you would leave

Tear me apart, that’s the way it would be

And people said that I was just your fun

That you’d go away, and find another one


But the pieces are still falling

And people are calling

With words of “I told you so”

Echoing through my phone

I should’ve listened to what they had to say

And avoided this day

People say that time heals all wounds

And that my heart is just a little bruised

And people say that it’s been awhile

That I should wipe my tears and smile


“But the pieces are still falling…”

© 2002 Robin James