Hometown Faces lyrics

Sidebar by Dianne James

Local Artist – April 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

Hometown Faces

Words and music by Dianne James

There’s always part of me, left lingering behind.

Always part of that place, etched into my mind.

But dreamers find it very hard to stay,

To be tied down in time.


To all those hometown faces, in the same old places.

And even though I’m different in their eyes,

There’s that same old love, in the hometown touch.

The same old love that drifters leave behind.

I know I don’t get back there, as often as I should.

I promised them that I would write, but they figured I never would.

But all my dreams were born back there,

And the drifter would return.

Chorus: “To all those hometown faces…”

I hope my kids will always have a place that they call home,

To carry with them always, and never be alone.

A place to go, a vantage point to see

A clearer right and wrong.

Chorus: “In all those hometown faces…”

Tag: “The same old love that drifters leave behind.”

© 2002 Dianne James