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GOP candidate will need to pretend Bush never existed

Letter from Laird Campbell

Politics – April 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine


The Republican nominee for president in 2008 will have no choice but to pretend that George W. Bush never existed. He will be in the same position as Hubert Humphrey nominated by the Democrats when Lyndon Johnson and his war were equally unpopular. (I use “he” advisedly since there are members of the Republican party who believe that women’s place is in the home and who may still have some reservations about giving them the vote.)

The candidate will be saddled by explaining why the leader of his party involved this country in an unnecessary war and then mismanaged it; ignored the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group whose members were some of the most able people in the country; rewarded his wealthy friends with tax reductions while resisting raising the wages of the most poorly paid; opposed federal funding of stem cell research despite the wishes of Nancy Reagan and the scientific community; helped the drug industry by forbidding government negotiation of drug prices; never used his veto power to forbid wasteful congressional spending and demonstrated the utter incompetence of his administration to deal with a major natural disaster.

There are other items which could be added to this list. Perhaps the nominee might be better off running on the Whig ticket.

Laird Campbell