Quillen’s Corner: Tell Me A Story About Long, Long Ago

By Martha Quillen

Mention America’s Great Divide today and most people will think of the partisan divisions growing between Trump supporters and critics, blacks and whites, men and women, and other political rivals. But when I first moved to Colorado the most talked-about Great Divide was the geographic barrier that divided rivers flowing east from rivers flowing west.

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Down on the Ground with the Counterrevolution

By George Sibley

Two months ago here, I gave a fast 250-year-revisionist overview of a two-Americas perspective on our nation’s history, positing that, from the mid-18th century on, the occupation of the continent by white Europeans was not the unfolding of some common vision of a Manifest Destiny; it was instead a contention between two contrasting cultural visions for America.

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Museums of Central Colorado: The Salida Museum

By Susan Jesuroga In 1953, Harriet Alexander took office as the first woman ever to serve on the Salida City Council. A proponent of creating a museum in Salida, she became chairman of a city committee charged with establishing one. With the help of Byrd Fuqua, they opened the first museum in the front part …

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Book Review – Principles of Flight: Flying Bush Planes Through a World of War, Sexism, and Meat

by Bill Hatcher Lantern Books, 274 pages ISBN 9781590565742 Reviewed by Martha Quillen Principles of Flight is a memoir and a treatise against war, sexism, religion, capitalism, militarism, government policies, and eating meat. It contains lots of geographic color, general information and political commentary. But it has the spirit of a literary novel, and is …

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The Natural World: Spiders

By Tina Mitchell Spiders too often get a bad rap in mainstream Western culture. “They’re aggressive.” Unless you’re an insect, most try just to avoid you. “They want to bite you.” No, only if you give them no other choice but to defend themselves. And while spiders have fangs, many are not long enough to …

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Saving Wildlife: A New Underpass Near Nathrop Will Help Prevent Accidents and Save Lives

Crew members from High Country Fence in Rye, Colorado, installing fence posts to help channel wildlife to a new highway underpass.

Story and Photos by Mike Rosso

Anyone who drives U.S. Highway 285 between Buena Vista and Salida on a regular basis has likely experienced it.

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Ulysses S. Grant in Central Colorado

Ulysses S. Grant in Leadville, Colorado, circa 1880. Courtesy of William Korn, Temple Israel Museum.

By Forrest Whitman

Ulysses S. Grant, Civil War hero and President from 1869 to 1877, is an often forgotten part of history in Central Colorado. Interest in President Grant is sure to peak now that Ron Chernow’s biography, Grant, is out. Chernow made Alexander Hamilton come to life for us and the hit Broadway musical followed. Could a musical be on the way for Grant?

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From the Editor: Newsprint Blues

By Mike Rosso

Hal Walter’s column this month struck a chord with me. I too worked for both the Pueblo Star-Journal and Chieftain newspapers years ago. I was employed as a photographer and Hal came on board about six months after I left. We finally met in Salida shortly after I moved here in 2001.

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About the Cover Artist: Kurt Snyder

Kurt Snyder is a designer, illustrator and Salida, Colorado, native. After earning an art degree from Colorado State University – Pueblo in 2005, he opened his own design business – Drawn Wild Design. Kurt’s detail-rich illustration work portrays a playfully-stylized perspective of the natural world.When Kurt isn’t drawing, the part-time luthier can be found in …

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Closing a Chapter in Colorado Journalism

By Hal Walter If all the portents are correct, The Pueblo Chieftain, the last of Colorado’s family-owned major daily newspapers, could be sold to a chain before you read this, and along with it a volume of non-news stories from within its walls will fade entirely into the banality of corporate-run media. My own story …

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Places: The Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge

Article and photos by Anthony Guerrero South of Monte Vista in the San Luis Valley is a prime opportunity to view nature up close. The Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge is a serene location mostly of wetlands featuring waterfowl and other water-dependent birds. The refuge is famous, hosting to up to 27,000 Sandhill Cranes every …

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Q&A with author, Virginia Simmons

CCM: Did you attend college? If so, where? VS: After attending school in New England, where regional history is pretty hard to escape, I headed west to Oberlin College, where I majored in history and discovered the fun of examining the often misleading minutiae that reveal what really happened. When I moved to Colorado in …

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