Surviving Mud Season, Again

Column by Hal Walter

Climate – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

I’M OFTEN ASKED this time of year: “When will it be spring?” The answer — after nine Wet Mountain winters — is “never.”

Oh sure, there’s the soft week in May when the aspens finally leaf out. But a procession of snowstorms alternating with windstorms is pretty much what you’re in for from the Spring Equinox until Ma Nature is good and tired of it. One year the last measurable snowfall of the year came on June 9. The following day was almost hot.

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Humans cannot live on information alone

Letter from Wayne Patton

Rothman essay – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Mr. Quillen:

I wanted to comment on Hal Rothman’s “Why do We Need the Rural West” essay. I find his comment that “information transfer is more important than the raw materials the West used to export…” to be ludicrous. I do not believe that humans can subsist on information rather then food. I remember at one time someone purported to live on air alone.

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For the fortunate few, it’s a great `quality of life’

Letter from Ray Shoch

Colorado Life – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Ed and Martha:

Yep, there are a couple of typos, but #74 is still a fine piece of work, and yes, I could have sent this via e-mail, but as I’ve said before, I like to see type on paper. Besides I have this new Macintosh, a 1200 dpi HP printer, and a huge font collection, so I might as well use them all.

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Whatever Rothman’s full of, it isn’t information

Letter from Slim Wolfe

Rothman essay – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine


Rothman’s a crock.

I recently heard St. Lawrence county (New York, adjoining Canada) is a somewhat lawless place where eccentrics can make themselves at home. That there, I thought, is a fine definition of “Out West.” Back East, contrarily, might be defined as a somewhat conformist place where people spend money on clothing and hairstyles which suit them to positions, generally indoors, requiring little exertion of muscles other than mouth and fingers. Thus a history professor from the University of Nevada might be a Back Easter, whatever state he was born in.

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There were safety problems across the river

Letter from DK & Annie Kimmett

Shooting range – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Ed and Martha:

We have a bit of a bone to pick with you regarding your article about the Gun Club/City Council mess in your April issue. You stated in the article that “Even without the lease, the gun club continued to use the property with no known safety problems.” WRONG!!!!!

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Westward the Immigrants, by Andrew Rolle

Review by Martha Quillen

Italian Immigrants – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Westward the Immigrants – Italian Adventurers and Colonists In An Expanding America
by Andrew Rolle
Originally published as The Immigrant Upraised
by the University of Oklahoma Press, 1968
Published in 1999
by the University Press of Colorado
ISBN 0-87081-529-6

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Denise Uhleman-Armstrong’s Multi-Media Life in Creede

Article by Marcia Darnell

Local Artists – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

DENISE Uhleman-Armstrong draws no distinctions between her life and her art. As a journalist, wife, graphic designer, grandmother, community activist, photographer, health nut, poet, and painter, her life is as varied and textured as her work.

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Cures that could be worse than the diseases

Essay by Martha Quillen

Modern Life – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

PERSONALLY, I’D LIKE TO BELIEVE that I would have been a great freedom fighter if I’d lived in Nazi Germany — hating every nuance of Nazi policy, hiding people in my attic, sneaking people across borders.

But then I realize that for me to have been like that in those circumstances would have meant endangering my family, my neighbors, and my life. That’s when I face the fact that I might have just been cowering under my bed instead.

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Driving a political statement

Essay by Ed Quillen

Mountain Life – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

YOU’D THINK I was showing off the blueprints for a 6,000-square-foot trophy house constructed from old-growth redwood and built on a ridge-line wilderness in-holding parcel that I’d bought with money made from clear-cutting a tropical rain forest.

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Maybe they stretched the sign

Brief by Central Staff

Transportation – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

After the Colorado Department of Transportation overhauled the intersection of U.S. 285 and Colo. 291 north of Salida last year, a new sign went up pronouncing LEADVILLE 56.

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An E-tax for E-tailers could provide virtual E-services?

Brief by Anonymous

Local government – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

In response to the overwhelming clamor from Congress to forego taxing e-commerce, America’s municipalities are announcing a new initiative, E-tax for E-Tailers. Yes, cities and towns from around the U.S. are listening and have responded in a way that provides fairness and equity to all.

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Going native isn’t necessarily the easiest way

Brief by Central Staff

Gardening – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Things are starting to turn green, which inspires thoughts of planting seeds to produce more greenery.

But that also means spading, raking, hoeing, weeding, and watering, which leads to backaches, sunburn, and expense.

So the thought arises: Why not seed some native plants? Since they grow here anyway, they should thrive without much attention, and still produce some blooms and greenery.

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1,500 sows in Silver Cliff?

Brief by Central Staff

Agriculture – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Those big corporate hog farms have been a major issue out on the plains, and in 1998 Colorado voters passed an initiative to regulate their emissions.

Now the pigs might be invading the mountains. At its March meeting, the Silver Cliff town board heard from Trustee Don Bishop, who said that a hog farmer from Nebraska had contacted him about opening a hog farm in Silver Cliff.

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“Grandby hires Tom Hale”

Brief by Central Staff

Geographic Nomenclature – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

The town in Middle Park is Granby, not Grandby, as the Chaffee County Times of Buena Vista had it on March 16. It is a common mistake, one that we often noticed when we lived in nearby Kremmling.

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Of course it’s connected to wild life and recreation

Brief by Central Staff

Fireworks – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

One long-standing holiday tradition — celebrating Independence Day with fireworks over Lake DeWeese near Westcliffe — may not return this year.

The lake is managed by the Colorado Division of Wildlife, and the fireworks come from donations to the Custer County Merchants and Chamber of Commerce.

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Briefs from the San Luis Valley

Brief by Marcia Darnell

San Luis Valley – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Water Win-Win

Valley farmers and ranchers have reached an accord with national forests over water. Disputes began in 1976, when Congress required federal agencies to file claims for the water flowing through public lands. This agreement, brokered by Valley native Attorney General Ken Salazar, ends years of lawsuits, protects watersheds and wildlife habitats, and preserves existing water rights.

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If it’s natural, it must be good for you …

Brief by Central Staff

Herbal healing – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Hot tea may be good for you, but not so good that it cures cancer.

So said the Federal Trade Commission on April 5, when it ordered Michael D. Miller of Crestone, who was doing business as Natural Heritage Enterprises, to make some changes on his website and to refund $7,500 to his customers.

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A little more about that grave next to a highway

Brief by Central Staff

Mysterious grave – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

Back in July of 1997, we wondered if anyone knew more about a fenced grave that sits a few yards south of the road between mileposts 44 and 45 on Colo. 114 west of Saguache. The tombstone reads:

DIED APRIL 19, 1883
AGED 51 Yrs 7 Ms 18 Dys
And the burden laid upon him
was more than he could bear

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Why my ugly town is beautiful

Essay by Paul Larmer

Small town life – May 2000 – Colorado Central Magazine

EVER SINCE I MOVED to this small town on the edge of the Rocky Mountains seven years ago, a “For Sale” sign has marked the vacant lot next to the railroad tracks on 2nd Street.

It isn’t much of a lot, just a triangle of gravel-covered, weed-infested land squeezed by an alley and the tracks. Often, I have stood next to it, waiting for a 100-car train to rumble past with a load of coal from the mountains. The ground shakes. The air shatters with the sharp blasts of the train’s horn.

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Western Water Report: 28 April 2000

Western Water Report: 28 April 2000


At the tri-annual Aspinall Operations meeting on 4/20, the National Weather Service forecast called for a dry June and then, beginning in July, monsoonal conditions through the rest of the summer similar to last summer’s conditions.

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