The sky at night, is orange and bright

Column by Hal Walter

Prisons – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Those of us foolish enough to think we are regional intellectuals have found it entertaining to snobbishly describe other Colorado locales as “sacrifice zones.” We’ve made up cute names for these places — The Front Strange, I-70 Industrial Tourism Ghetto, Christian Springs.

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The New Code of the West

Article by Montrose County

Rural Life – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Editor’s Note: Earlier this year, Montrose County on the Western Slope began considering a new comprehensive master plan, much as some counties in Central Colorado are now preparing to do.

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Eleanor Harrington remembers Tincup … and a lot more

Article by Martha Quillen

Local Historian/Writer – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

When you meet Eleanor Harrington, it’s hard to believe that she arrived in Central Colorado forty-five years ago with a husband and two sons.

Only Eleanor’s stories give a clue to her age. Tall and attractive, she looks like she could still easily walk a country mile and more — but she hates to have her picture taken.

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A cry from beyond

Sidebar by Eleanor P. Harrington

Ghost story – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

A cry from beyond

Can the spirit of a child cry out from her grave long after her death? At a little known cemetery in Chaffee County, we have just such a mystery.

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Tincup: the cemetery of four knolls

Article by Eleanor P. Harrington

Local History – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

IT’S THE CEMETERY of four knolls. Four distinct knolls, one each for the Jewish, Protestant, and Catholic religions, and a fourth knoll, Boot Hill, for nondenominational burials and violent deaths. It is the Tin Cup, Colorado, Cemetery, and well over a thousand people visit it each year from early June through late fall.

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Skunk remedy works

Letter from Dick Scar

Wildlife – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Skunk Remedy Works

Dear Martha & Ed:

For some reason, when I read your September issue I happened to notice the recipe on page 4 for deskunking a pet.

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How Silt happens

Letter from Bruce A. Collins

Growth – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

How Silt Happens

(After he read about Salida’s adventures with a proposed comprehensive master plan, Bruce Collins sent this letter about how plans have developed on the Western Slope.)

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First part of Leadville Mineral Belt Trail opens

Brief by Sharon Chickering

Recreation – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Cyclists, joggers and in-line skaters in Lake County can now use a paved recreation path without fear of being run down by passing motorists. The first three and one half mile segment of the Mineral Belt Trail was recently blacktopped by county crews and is open for use.

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First anniversary of local Internet service

Brief by Central Staff

Communication – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

First anniversary

Just a year ago, the Internet was an expensive long-distance call from most of Central Colorado. Now there are two local service providers.

First on the scene was Rocky Mountain Internet, which opened a Buena Vista node in late October of 1995. As of this August, Colorado Supernet is also serving the area.

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Are we ahead of the curve?

Brief by Central Staff

American trends – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Ahead of the Curve?

The usual observation is that America happens first in California. But maybe Central Colorado is taking over the leadership role.

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Top 10 homesteading sites

Brief by Central Staff

Media coverage – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Another Top 10 List

Planning to homestead somewhere? Some parts of Colorado, even Central Colorado, made it onto the “10 Best Places to Live the Good Life” in the August/September edition of Mother Earth News.

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