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Are we ahead of the curve?

Brief by Central Staff

American trends – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Ahead of the Curve?

The usual observation is that America happens first in California. But maybe Central Colorado is taking over the leadership role.

The Sept. 9 edition of Newsweek had two “trend” articles about topics that have been issues hereabouts for some time:

— “Backyard Bears” concerned the increasing number of confrontations between humans and wildlife in settled areas. “Americans used to kill for a house with cuddly wild animals gamboling nearby,” the piece observed, and “We were a bit naive not to realize these pretty, romantic habitats were going to be excellent places for wildlife.”

We’ve published several articles about these problems, among them: “The Return of the Natives” in April, 1994, and “Living with Bears” in October, 1994.

Actually, this topic is a staple in Colorado, and the Division of Wildlife also provides information and pamphlets to help people deal with unruly ursine neighbors.

— Another Newsweek article, “There Goes the Neighborhood: Where artists work, business is good — too good” examined the relationship between art and rising real-estate prices in neighborhoods like New York’s Soho and Chicago’s River North.

Artists move into depressed areas, gentrification and respectability follow, and the artists are priced out. Newsweek called it the real-estate Hokey-Pokey: “let the artists in/ price the artists out/ that’s what it’s all about.”

This process has been explored in Colorado Central: “Art: the Industry” in December, 1994, and “Chris Byars: From Malls to Junk Art” in June, 1996.