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Skunk remedy works

Letter from Dick Scar

Wildlife – October 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Skunk Remedy Works

Dear Martha & Ed:

For some reason, when I read your September issue I happened to notice the recipe on page 4 for deskunking a pet.

On Sept. 1, our daughter was visiting us from Fort Collins with her beagle. After supper, this canine barged out the unlatched front screen door to tangle with a striped skunk.

While the beagle was rubbing his face in the lawn, I tried to remember which publication I had seen the deskunking recipe in. Luckily, I found the September issue and we proceeded to mix up the brew, for which we happened to have all the ingredients.

Thirty minutes later, the beagle was completely descented to the point that I allowed it to roll around on our living room carpet to dry off.

Jan and I give the formula two thumbs up!

Dick Scar Buena Vista