Will the well run dry?

Column by Hal Walter

Coffee – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

One thing I’ve noticed is that it takes water to make coffee.

Now this surely is a less-than-astute observation. But it’s one that takes on a certain irony here in Central Colorado, right in the heart of what early explorers like Major Stephen H. Long called the “Great American Desert.”

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Boom Days celebrates a mining heritage

Article by Lynda La Rocca

Leadville – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Leadville continues to cling defiantly to its image as a miner’s mining town. Despite some polishing around the edges from a few trendy cafes and fern bars, it pretty much remains a rugged, blue-collar community where a handful of men and women still make their living drilling, blasting, and mucking metal ores from the earth.

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Rural residents fight trapping, too

Letter from John Walker

Trapping – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Trappers don’t perturb only urbanites

Colorado Central:

Re: “Require geographic diversity…” by Ellen Miller in the July, 1996, edition.

Ellen Miller’s condemnation of anti-trapping initiatives sounds like the work of an urban-dweller (Grand Junction) trying to ingratiate herself to people who work the land. She assumes only city folks disapprove of trapping.

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Local control fares ill at the Statehouse

Letter from Sam Mamet

Politics – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Local control fares ill at Statehouse

Dear Ed:

I continue to enjoy the magazine greatly. Lots of great stuff, and always well written.

I’ve enjoyed the past few articles on the problems facing small community law enforcement agencies, especially the one recently written by Clint Driscoll. Peace officer training, especially for reserves and part-time officers, has been a major concern for many of our smaller communities around the state.

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Climbing for Crystals

Article by Steve Voynick

Mountains – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Most of us climb 14ers for reasons that are, at best, abstract. All we bring back are memories, feelings of accomplishment and, for those of us approaching middle age, the comforting reassurance that we can still do it.

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A Turret Tragedy

Article by Dick Dixon

Local History – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

The Jasper mine, near the hopeful gold camp of Turret, was about five years old and headed for its heyday when tragedy struck shortly after the turn of the century. Miner Frank Carpenter frantically tried to climb the greasy cable of a stalled mine bucket and fell about 70 feet down the shaft to be “blown to pieces by the explosion of seven shots.”

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Del Paulson of Westcliffe: A Creator in Glass

Article by Lea Lahtinen

Local artists – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Legend has it that glass was first discovered on an otherwise unlucky Mediterranean voyage of antiquity. The ship wrecked and the travelers swam to shore amid the flotsam. They built a fire on the beach, and some of the fuel included crates from the cargo — crates that included potash. Heat potash and sand together, and you get glass.

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Trains continue to run after merger

Brief by Central Staff

Transportation – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

The train keeps a-rollin’

for a while, anyway

Despite opposition from the Anti-Trust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, the merger between the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads was approved July 3 by the U.S. Surface Transportation Board. On Aug. 12, the board will issue a written report explaining its decision, and the two systems will start combined operations on Sept. 12.

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Recent Media Developments

Brief by Central Staff

Media – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

New Paper

Lake George now boasts a new weekly free-distribution newspaper, The Mountain Independence, which started May 1.

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Get to the accident faster

Brief by Central Staff

Transportation – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Get to the pile-up faster

The Colorado Department of Transportation has proposed raising the speed limit from 55 mph to 65 on U.S. 24 and U.S. 285 between Buena Vista and the Colo. 291 junction.

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Back to the planner’s board

Brief by Central Staff

Salida politics – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Back to the planning board

Salida’s proposed comprehensive master plan (the one reviewed in the July Colorado Central) was turned down by the planning commission at a July 8 hearing.

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Shopping for Cool Mountain Towns

Brief by Central Staff

Invasion – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Shopping for Cool Mountain Towns

The August edition of Men’s Journal featured “America’s 25 coolest mountain towns.”

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We’re a disaster area

Brief by Central Staff

Climate – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

We’re not cool. We’re a Disaster Area.

Although afternoon thunderstorms are no longer a novelty, they haven’t cured the effects of a dry winter and spring — a drought.

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