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Get to the accident faster

Brief by Central Staff

Transportation – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Get to the pile-up faster

The Colorado Department of Transportation has proposed raising the speed limit from 55 mph to 65 on U.S. 24 and U.S. 285 between Buena Vista and the Colo. 291 junction.

The department has asked that anyone opposed to the increase write to Matt Reay, CDOT, Transportation Safety and Traffic Engineering, 4201 E. Arkansas Ave., Denver CO 80222.

Perhaps of relevance is a three-car accident along this stretch on July 4. One driver slowed to turn for the parking lot at Noah’s Ark rafting. The car behind slowed. The next car didn’t, and 10 people went to the hospital with whiplash injuries.

In other highway news, CDOT denied Guffey’s request for a stop sign at the intersection of County Road 102 (the main street) and Fourth Street.

The state report said there wasn’t enough traffic, and there hadn’t been enough accidents to justify installing a sign. Maybe they should hold a demolition derby?