Recent Media Developments

Brief by Central Staff

Media – August 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

New Paper

Lake George now boasts a new weekly free-distribution newspaper, The Mountain Independence, which started May 1.

It appears to have a feisty attitude: “Developers like Frank Price in Florissant and the Riverbend LLC in Fairplay aren’t thinking about the community when they want to raise the population with eyesore construction, but about the money they make for a little investment.”

For particulars, give them a call at 719-748-1118 or 888-266-1776.

Dead Paper

The Telegraph, a free-distribution weekly in the leading city of the Gunnison Country, published its last issue on April 26.

It didn’t die from financial woes, since subscribers were offered rebates. Instead, it ran out of “staph,” with its crew finding other jobs — jobs that must pay better than small-town labor-of-love journalism.

Aspen isn’t worth serving, either

When the Rocky Mountain News quit circulating in rural Colorado, it maintained its routes and boxes along the I-70 Resort Belt.

But the Rocky has cut off delivery there, too, until the start of ski season. News executives said “the distribution to Aspen doesn’t justify the cost” in the summer.

Pitkin County has the third-highest average per-capita income in the U.S. — $26,755 a year, so just how affluent does a market have to be?

Pitkin County is also home to an interesting lawsuit — some people made a $100,000 deposit on a $2.5 million house, then sued to get the deposit back after they discovered that five noisy birds lived next door.