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Who’s running for congress?

Brief by Central Staff

Politics – July 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Curtis Imrie, who raises and races burros hereabouts, won’t be. He didn’t enough votes at the convention in Pueblo to get on the primary ballot.

Al Gurule, who serves on the Pueblo City Council, got the Democratic nomination, and he’ll oppose incumbent Republican Scott McInnis in the November general election.

Despite what you may have read in the Pueblo Chieftain, Gurule assures us he does not favor four-laning our segment of U.S. 50. East of Pueblo, yes, west of Montrose, yes, but in between, no.

There could be a third-party canidate, or something similar.

Colorado Liberty, the monthly newsletter of the Colorado Libertarian Party, reports that rancher Wes Montgomery is considering a run for the seat, either as a write-in or perhaps on the Libertarian ticket.

Montgomery was foreman of the federal grand jury that indicted Rocky Flats, and got into trouble with the feds when he asked that the full report be made public. Imagine someone believing that what is done with our money is any of our business.