Policies and Actions

Sidebar by Martha Quillen

Salida Plan – July 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

The revised plan has policies, but no actions; the city plans to store the actions in a drawer for future use. However, the policies are hard to interpret without the actions, as with this example:

POLICY: Improve the quality of industrial development and lessen the impact on surrounding land uses.

ACTION: Amend existing industrial zoning classifications to require land devoted to industrial uses to demonstrate and provide access to regional transportation.

ACTION: Create building and design standards for industrial-zoned districts to address quality-enhancing features, such as building materials, minimum floor area and lot sizing, landscaping, screening, parking, access, fencing and outdoor lighting.

ACTION: Define building and design standards which will prohibit the use of materials associated with lower quality industrial areas such as chain-link fencing and unscreened outdoor storage.

ACTION: Increase regulations and code enforcement efforts related to nuisance, weed and other regulations designed to promote the health, safety and aesthetic qualities of the city.