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What high-country high-rollers drive

Brief by Allen Best

Lifestyles – October 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

Although a Ferrari coupe valued at $561,000 and four other cars valued in excess of $200,000 are registered in Pitkin County, Toyota is the most common make of vehicle, reports The Aspen Times after a factoid cruise through public records.

Not far behind Toyota is Ford, followed by Jeep and, more distant, Chevrolets and Subarus.

That said, new Toyotas range in price from $12,000 to $62,000. However, Prius has been the best-selling model at a local Toyota dealer in recent years.

The newspaper also noted that Pitkin County has 18,039 cars as compared to 14,872 residents, or 1.21 cars per person.

In 2005, Colorado had 859,000 cars and 4.6 million residents, or .19 cars per person.