More Home on the Range

Letter from Gerald Hitt

History – October 2007 – Colorado Central Magazine

Hello, you two:

This is about “Where was the Home on the Range?” in your September edition.

I have enclosed a copy of “The Western Home,” from 1871. The credit goes to a poem by a Dr. Brewster M. Higley of Smith County, Kansas. Your article did mention the same version in the Smith County Register in 1873, but since poems normally precede songs, I believe Mr. Higley’s poem predates all the other versions in your article.

Thank you,

Gerald Hitt


Two verses of “The Western Home” from 1871:

Oh, give me the land,

Where the bright diamond sand,

Throws its light on the glittering stream,

Where glideth along,

The graceful white swan,

Like a maid in her heavenly dream.

Oh, give me the gale

Of the Solomon vale

Where the life stream of buoyancy flows

On the banks of the Beaver

Where seldom, if ever,

Any poisonous herbiage doth grow.