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War on Weeds

Brief by Central Staff

Agriculture – February 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

If you thought “alien invaders” meant little green creatures stepping out of flying saucers and taking over the world, then you need to indulge in a second thought.

The real “alien invaders” are unwanted non-native plants which are spreading across the West, conquering about 4,600 acres of federal land each day.

The results of this invasion include reduced grazing capacity, soil erosion, diminished water quality and fish habitat, and reduced crop production. Further, when weeds invade, some wildlife moves to greener pastures, like residential areas, causing more of the human-wildlife conflicts that have been increasing hereabouts.

Chaffee and Lake counties have joined forces to fight the weeds, which include Canada thistle, leafy spurge, and knapweeds.

State law now requires every county to have a weed-fighting plan, and Jeff Achondo of the Chaffee Weed Department will be in charge of the program for Chaffee and Lake counties.