Silverton’s great if you can make a living

Letter from Matt Hutson

Transportation – February 1996 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Ed,

I just received the latest edition of Colorado Central and enjoyed it very much. I’m also a railroad nut and I liked your Letter From The Editors. I fear there is no hope, however. Many thousands of miles of track have been ripped up in this state with few getting reprieve.

I disagree with your view of Silverton. I’ve spent a great deal of time there over the past ten years (my mom lives there) and I think it has the best of all possible tourist economies.

You have a zillion tourists in town for a few hours a day and then they go back to Durango sans dollars. It’s quiet and peaceful the rest of the time, not like the 24-hour-a-day zoo we have here in Glenwood Springs.

And in the winter, Silverton can’t be beat. In the morning all you can hear is absolute silence. Odds are fair you won’t even be able to leave if it snows a bunch. I know, I know, there ain’t much to do job-wise, but it’s great if you can make it. Everyone I know who lives there loves it.

Keep up the good work. I love your magazine.

Matt Hutson