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Voila, not wallah

Letter from Dick Conway

Dictionary – December 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Colorado Central,

Well, Columbine may be a young squirt, but it seems that the cosmopolitan editors would know that “wallah” is really spelled “voila.”

I’m one of your distant readers, having retired to Port Townsend, Washington, from Lamar. Phil Doe sent me a gift sub and he keeps renewing it. If he ever stops, I’ll send my own money. I miss Colorado and I love reading about Salida and things we don’t have here, such as snowstorms. Your description of last spring’s blizzard brought it all to life.

I picked up a book at one of the local galleries recently, The Hundred Best Art Towns, and I was not surprised to find Port Townsend high up in the rankings, 18th or so. I was surprised to see Salida right up there too! Thirty-sixth, if I recall. I may just have to come back.

In the meantime, your magazine gives me a real taste of Colorado (and now you even have Barbara Kingsolver)–I pick it up, and wallah, I can smell the piƱon trees.

Dick Conway Port Townsend, Washington