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Scrating in the dirt for a kernel of truth

Letter from Slim Wolfe

Sept. 11 events – December 2001 – Colorado Central Magazine

Colorado Central,

A whole gaggle of writers, myself included, have been scratching around in the dirt of recent events in search of the kernel of truth, and Columbine Quillen may have got the best one (your November issue) as she gives the mountain-girl’s perspective on New York as a cocoon of 24-hour-convenience.

Our American Revolutionary Dream was largely to throw off the yoke of a ruling-class with liveried servants so that the more humble among us might have a bit more room to earn an honest living. Yet we have evolved into a people so dependent on service that few of us can conceive of water much beyond a commodity which starts as a faucet and ends at a drain.

Perhaps the true patriot would see New York/Washington as the enemy, producing generation after generation of cocoon-raised mutants who know little but instant gratification yet hold the strings of the world in their grasp, a bit like the old royal houses of pre-revolutionary times.

More from Columbine, Abby, Annie, and Barbara Kingsolver, please.

Slim Wolfe

Villa Grove