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Veta v. La Veta

Letter from Virginia McConnell Simmons

Geography – April 2006 – Colorado Central Magazine


Here is a small stick to throw onto the flickering flames about whether the original, narrow- gauge D&RG route crossed La Veta Pass or Veta Pass, and whether the later standard- gauge route crossed Veta Pass or La Veta Pass. Today I think we should defer to USGS maps and accept the northern (narrow- gauge) pass as La Veta and the southern pass as Veta.

If quad maps aren’t handy, the area can be checked out in the DeLorme Colorado Atlas & Gazetteer. Railroads had a practice of giving stations and landmarks various names or spellings that suited their whims and/or proprietary interests, like the San Luis Southern switching Jarosa to Jaroso. The old and the new D&RG routes each have a Muleshoe Curve. Idiosyncracies abound. Businesses still do it, such as putting a funny A in the name of a ritzy hotel in Colorado Springs.

Virginia Simmons

Del Norte