The Wal-Mart article was cogent

Letter from Susan Alpert

Small Towns – November 1994 – Colorado Central Magazine

Dear Martha and Ed,

Thanks much for sending the copy of your magazine. I found it most interesting and it aroused more than a little homesickness for Colorado. Salida sounds like a great small town, like so many others in Colorado, and just the opposite of big city, big tourist, big growing Las Vegas.

I especially enjoyed the cogent article on Wal-Mart. Things are complicated, aren’t they? Two sides of the coin, yin and yang, the good and the bad, etc. Maybe it’s true that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Thanks again for thinking of us and I look forward to reading future issues of Colorado Central.

Susan Alpert.

Las Vegas, Nev.

(formerly of Fort Morgan)